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Welcome to Allied-Gaming!


Hello Allied Gamers!

AG will be hosting a Community Meeting soon to talk about big upcoming changes to AG including the merge with CG and how it's going to work, changes to staff ranks and responsibilities, new positions and more! I hope all of you can make it and be part of a new dawn for AG, full of hope and aspirations, a new dawn where we are all Allied once again.
The official Community Meeting date is Saturday, March 24th 9pm EST.

Before the Community Meeting, we will be hosting an obligatory Higher Staff Meeting to catch all the higher staff up on the changes we intend to make and also to receive feedback and suggestions(Higher staff include Server Managers, Head Admins and Forum Staff). The Higher Staff Meeting will take place on Saturday, March 17th 9pm EST. Both meetings will take place on Teamspeak.

Ip: Ts3.allied-gaming.com

I've messaged most of you about this over discord or steam so if you're surprised about this post you're probably the inactive part of my staff. In this meeting we're going over:

-Staff promotions/demotions
-Map changes
-Updates and Removals of some add-ons
-AG's Discord and Teamspeak
-Suggestions/Changes/Concerns any of you want to bring up​

If you're not attending hopefully you have a good enough excuse, most people that don't attend will be full demoted since I am wiping inactive staff. Meeting should be less than half a hour and only staff are allowed to join. No regulars/Trusted, other SMs and above are free to join though.

@s4mple @✪Pingu (nice star in your name still) @Crow 1607 @Para @Tuff Kitten @Comic @Raizen13 @ItsJerry! @sawilson @Anti-Depressants @Freak @moodybutt @Michael Rosen

People with actual excuses: @D_rules

I expect the rest of you to join unless something sudden happens, the meeting will happen this Saturday/Sunday depending on what day the Semi Custom staff meeting isn't on. 6pm EST seems like a decent time that everyone can work around. Message me on steam if you do not want to post your reason for going below.
Announcement 1v1 Staff Meeting
Friday March 9th at 7pm Central time, we will have a meeting for 1v1 staff in teamspeak.
We will be discussing the following:
  • Populating the server
  • the ranking system and suggested changes to it/a new ranking system
  • point shop and donation ideas
  • Staff Demotions & Promotions
  • Anything else that staff wants to bring up
If you cannot make it please reply in this thread, or send a DM to either @w4bbit or I.

If not enough people can make it on the date, we will re schedule to a time that will work best for everyone.

@SeaGoat @UnixQ @|AX| @spatino1234 @Sky @Brontes @Sparkles @JACKSB @Doggo @_ale.xis_ @Pax Base