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Welcome to Allied-Gaming!


I will be holding a staff meeting next weekend there will be a poll for whichever date/time would be best.

We will be discussing future of the server, populating and staff activity. Staff expectations and position reconsideration.

We will also be talking about and brainstorming an event in the near future. Ideas and contributions are great.

This staff meeting is mandatory. If you do not show up to the meeting without contacting me prior you are likely to be demoted.

@Crow 1607
@Turbo Diesel
@Enough Rocko

DC Multiverse RP Event
Date & Time: Saturday March 3rd, at 1 pm EST (03/03/18)

How it works
In groups of two, you and your teammate will have 15 minutes to go make a base, you’ll start from spawn. After the 15 minutes are over, everybody will be brought to spawn. Lazy will then decide which teams raid each other (at different times of course). The team with the faster and more successful time/raid will be moving on to the next round. For the time to stop you have to destroy the printer that is in the base.

If you are in the Allied-Gaming Teamspeak you will get an extra 10 minutes to build your base

(Some rules are subject to change depending on the amount of players participating in the event)

Basing Rules
No more than 6 fading doors and 3 sets of keypads.
Building will start at 1:00 PM Saturday March 3rd
and you have 15 minutes to finish it
Normal basing rules apply so read the motd when you join the server
Using the advanced duplicator is against the rules
and you won’t be entered into the event if you use it,
so you have to start from scratch when the event begins!
It’s first come first serve for the place you build at,
so be on time to get the base you want.
The printer has to be in the open in a room,
so the raiders can find it and destroy it once they’ve entered the base.

Raiding Rules
In order to Stop the timer you must successfully
destroy the printer
While raiding you can only use the weapons with the Nazi
Soldier class not tools in your inventory to make it fair

1st Place will receive a Custom Job for 3 months
(It will be one...

Hello everyone, @w4bbit and I are proud to announce the CS:GO 1v1 Server.
The 1v1 server has always been a big part of AG and we're excited to say its back.

The server has 24 different maps, !ws to choose any skin you want for any weapon,
a !knife plugin, and a !rank plugin so you can compete to be #1 on the server.

We'd Like to thank @P2 @GoobNitro and @Jacob for giving us the opportunity to run the server.
Additional thanks to @SeaGoat @spatino1234 @Ax, and @SenpaiX for volunteering to be admins on the server,
and thanks to everyone who helped test the server.​