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Welcome to Allied-Gaming!


Announcement Deathrun Head-Admin
I am pleased to announce @[Prototype] has been selected as the Head-Admin for Deathrun! Not only has he been extremely active and enjoyable to play with, he has consistently tried to help out with the server, whether that is with suggestions or just by helping out with the powers he's been given. I have full confidence that he will be a great addition to the team, and especially in helping me make Deathrun even better.

Read Before Posting! Deathrun General Teamspeak Meeting

With the server having been out for a while, I decided it would be a good idea to host a Teamspeak meeting to discuss a variety of things related to the server, as well as improvements related to the future!

The meeting is open to everyone, but it is definitely mandatory to the few staff members we do have! Your rank will be seriously reconsidered if you do not attend without a valid excuse! I would also love to see the other GMOD SMs attend. I encourage people who have played on the server or on deathrun / gmod in general to come, and all others are welcome as well!

The following ideas and themes will be topics of discussion:

- Point system -
- Pointshop-
- Possible implementations -
- Upcoming events -
- How to increase population -
- Suggestions and thoughts on server so far -
- Download times and issues -

I highly encourage everyone to attend this, as it will hopefully benefit the server as a whole! If you plan to attend, or if the time / date does not accommodate you, please let me know below! The current date and time are as decided:

DATE: Saturday, January 27th


Let's make Deathrun improve, together!
I'm going to be holding a meeting on the Friday 26th January, 7pm CST. It will take place on Teamspeak. The staff team has changed quite a bit since the last meeting so I feel it would benefit us as a team to hold another.

We're going to be discussing general issues, staffing issues and I will be making changes to the staff team.
This meeting will be mandatory. If you are unable to attend please message me on Steam or on Forums to let me know. Your position as staff will be reconsidered should you just not show up without informing me or SnoopDoge. If too many people cannot attend I will postpone it, or move the date.