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Welcome to Allied-Gaming!



Let's start the year off on the right foot! On January 20th, 2017, we'll be having a friendly competition vs. Colosseum-Gaming There'll be a Best-of-3 ARAM between us and them, and the winning team will individually receive a winter-themed skin.

The event will be hosted in AG's Teamspeak (ts3.allied-gaming.com) at 8pm EST | pm CST | 5pm PST

If you want to play, simply comment on this post. From there - depending on the number of people who sign up - may be a random selection to see who plays!

use this format to sign up for the team:

League Username:
What rank are you:
Can you be on the teamspeak on January 20th, 8pm est for the event?:

I will be setting up the team and choosing who plays.
Hello Guys and Gals,
We will be hosting a 2v2 Rocket League tournament on Saturday the 13th @ 3:00 pm EST.

Allied-Gaming TeamSpeak

Saturday the 13th @ 3:00 pm EST

This Tournament is just for fun, however there are some small prizes.
The Tournament will be double elimination (Winners and losers brackets).
Teams will be picked by us. They will be random, but even.

1st Place: Biomass (for each person) / Forum Credits
2nd Place: Forum Credits
These prizes are not finalized but it's to give an idea.

Sign Up:
In order to participate, you must sign up at this form:
Please do not sign up unless you are sure that you can make it.
Sign ups will remain open until an hour before the event starts.

Good luck and have fun!
The name says it all! I have the pleasure of announcing the release of an all new Allied-Gaming Garry's Mod Server: Deathrun!

First off, I want to sincerely thank a couple of people for making this possible:

@GoobNitro @P2 @Survivor: For allowing me the wonderful opportunity to give AG a new server.
@Esbelto: For dealing with me and helping me with so many issues. Thank you so much.
@LaRenzo @RandomGamer @lazyboy900 @Freak and many others for assisting me in the testing process!

This isn't a typical deathrun server! There are a bunch of features that will make this gamemode even more appealing, and even more enjoyable, with some of the following:
- PS2
- CS:GO Knives (With Skins)
- Statistics
- Run records
-Death Avoidance Punishment
- Button Claiming
- Autojump
- Single Player Exploration Mode
- Gambling
- Reporting System
- Customization settings (Crosshair, HUD, and more!)

I encourage everyone to come and play, and I hope this meets the standard that AG has continually set for making amazing servers. Thank you for allowing me the chance to help AG grow once again!

Link to the workshop collection: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1235244559

If there are any issues, bugs, or glitches, please do not hestitate to immediately contact me so I may fix them right away!


Note: Staff Applications, Donation Options, and Rules will all soon be available! I will continually be posting on forums, be on the lookout!