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Welcome to Allied-Gaming!


CSGO 1v1 Staff Expunge


I will be doing an expunge of all the staff on 1v1. This means all staff will be removed and will no longer have their power on the server or forum ranks. If you currently have a staff position on the server and you want your staff position back all you have to do is reapply, you will be reconsidered for your staff position. If you're wondering as to why we're doing this, we want to give the server a fresh start and let the dedicated players and staff show what they're truly made of!


@Bunyip @spatino1234 @Darkk @Shadow @JacobTN @Leafs

There will be a mandatory staff meeting on Saturday at 10pm EST. All staff must attend this meeting as it will have many important things discussed at this meeting. The meeting will be held in Team speak so make sure you all have it.
Some of the things that will be discussed include:
New Rules
Staff conduct on the server and forums
Needed to know staff commands
How to handle situations

And more...
Welcome to the happy_phrases contest.

Here's how it will go, there will be 3 winners, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Your goal? Come up with the most funny, most savage phrases for the !happy command. There are but 2 rules:

- Your phrase must abide to the server rules
- You may only submit a maximum of 2 phrases for the contest.

1st Place Prize: 1 month VIP
2nd Place Prize: 3000 In-Game Shop Credits
3rd Place Prize: Shop Item - The DUNCE hat.

For those of you who do not know of this !happy command, generally you would use it as an alternative to the !gag command, say a person is disrespecting multiple people on the server, you would toggle !happy on them and thus the plugin will filter out what the user is attempting to say and replace it with a phrase found in the happy_phrases.ini file.


JacobThePigeon: Cogito is absolute trash.
Cogito: !happy JacobThePigeon
[SM] Toggled happy on target 'JacobThePigeon'
JacobThePigeon: Hi, my parents don't love me.

Please follow the following Format:


The contest ends Saturday August 27th at 9 PM EST.
Good luck.