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Welcome to Allied-Gaming!

A New Beginning

Discussion in 'Announcement and News' started by P2, Jul 11, 2016.

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  1. P2

    P2 Noob Staff Member Co-Owner

    Welcome back to AlliedGaming.

    AlliedGaming simply put is the continuation of AlliedGamers. The sequel, AG 2.0. With the recent events in AlliedGamers surrounding the (un)willingness of the owners to keep the community afloat, we've taken it upon ourselves to ensure the community remains together. We intend to address several of the issues that plagued AlliedGamers from communication to transparency but we'll let our actions speak for themselves.

    All the posts from the old forum have been archived. It'll be fun to look back at how everything was and how we changed and grew together. You can still use the same login credentials to sign in as the old forum. Please be patient while we finish setting everything up and make sure its working properly so that we can provide you all with the best experience possible. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask them below or message any AlliedGaming Staff directly and we will try our best to respond to them in a timely manner.
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  2. Seawheels

    Seawheels AG's Resident Fudge Packer.

  3. PantherDaPro

    PantherDaPro Professional Cool Guy Retired

  4. P2

    P2 Noob Staff Member Co-Owner

    As Vick is claiming Mathew is a fraud, which is not true at all, we'd like to clarify the whole situation.

    Both Vick and Mathew wanted to keep the community going, no one makes a gaming community to make money out of it. However they did not get along well. Neither wanted to have the other as owner, yet neither was willing to take any risks to move forward. For Mathew, splitting meant having to rebrand. Vick owns the http://allied-gamers.com domain and there was no other way for Mathew to move forward otherwise. It was a risk he was not willing to take at this time. In the other hand Mathew owns the servers and the server box. Vick would have had to start from scratch server wise, especially as all the server IPs would have changed. More importantly however he would have had to pay for the community if it was ever to not meet the donation goal and it was clear he was not willing to take the risk and pay out of pocket.

    While we would have preferred not to disclose the following information, Vick's recent claims have forced our hands. We have a detailed log of the donations, however for now we will only share the following information as it gets the point across.

    Donations total (after paypal fees):
    To Mathew's Paypal: $7677
    To Vick's Paypal: $2477 + $85 (on NFO). $2562

    Taking out server costs during the months each of them ran the paypal would leave both with the following amount:
    To Mathew's Paypal: ($7677 - $2235) = $5442
    To Vick's Paypal: ($2477 - $1053) = $1424

    As stated earlier we do not believe either intended to run away with the money and would have rather kept the community running but neither was willing to take the risks involved to keep the community together.
  5. [Prototype]

    [Prototype] Add me on Overwatch Prototype#11219 Server Head Admin

    I'm pretty triggered 300 of my posts are flat out gone. Some good shit in there
  6. Cr1ticalhit

    Cr1ticalhit 100% Canadian Retired

    This is a Sequel of alliedgamers? Whens the next sequel coming out :)
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  7. Tangy!

    Tangy! #Reformed. You don't wanna know who reformed me. Retired

    This some good shit.

    JACKSB I am litterally the worst Server Operator

    Only joined cause I didnt have to make a new account :^) kappa
  9. GamingPyra

    GamingPyra I get drunk sometimes. Retired

    Hopefully this sequel will be better than the first volume, I am excited for the change :)

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  10. lazyboy900

    lazyboy900 Hi, I'm new.

    how long do you think it will take to get everything back up and going
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2016
  11. joshknifer

    joshknifer Started from da bottom now we here!

  12. Leafs

    Leafs I Paid for my Ranks Retired

    the title was my intro for me cumming back to ag
  13. Senor Mexicano

    Senor Mexicano Allied Historian

    I see some more recent posts were not brought over in the process. Could these more recent posts still be brought over, or are they gone forever? I'm sort of salty over the fact that a timeline I made for AG that took me 3 hours to make is now gone.
  14. GamingPyra

    GamingPyra I get drunk sometimes. Retired

    We have an archive section, however I can not find the general discussion board for some reason. @GoobNitro @P2 might be able to look into that.
  15. Vangie

    Vangie Hi, I'm new.

    :p teehee
  16. Madara うちはマダラ

    Madara うちはマダラ Our Greatest Weakness Lies in giving up.

    That's amazing p2 :)
  17. Mokujin

    Mokujin Fuck outta here

    my infamous CSTTT memes thread is gone :(
  18. Webster

    Webster Forum Bum Teamspeak Staff

  19. Mokujin

    Mokujin Fuck outta here

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