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CSGO 1v1 Staff Expunge

Discussion in 'Announcement and News' started by ĄЯŦÌŁĿЗŖŶ, Aug 24, 2016.


    ĄЯŦÌŁĿЗŖŶ Where was sally when the bomb dropped? EVERYWHERE!

    CSGO 1v1 Staff Expunge


    I will be doing an expunge of all the staff on 1v1. This means all staff will be removed and will no longer have their power on the server or forum ranks. If you currently have a staff position on the server and you want your staff position back all you have to do is reapply, you will be reconsidered for your staff position. If you're wondering as to why we're doing this, we want to give the server a fresh start and let the dedicated players and staff show what they're truly made of!


    @Bunyip @spatino1234 @Darkk @Shadow @JacobTN @Leafs

    Last edited: Aug 24, 2016
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  2. Cogito

    Cogito In Search of Sunrise Server Manager Teamspeak Staff

    Been having so much fun in 1v1.
    Glad to see the revamp incoming.
    My aim is so much better!
    Rekt' Bunny in a couple of matches <3
    ChinkyDog likes this.
  3. Leafs

    Leafs I Paid for my Ranks Retired

    Applying right away :^)
  4. ChinkyDog

    ChinkyDog Remember, No Russian Retired

    I'm excited to see the future of 1v1.
  5. TheCaveman

    TheCaveman I enjoy Turtles Retired

    Well this is an interesting approach to say the least.
    ChinkyDog likes this.
  6. flex

    flex Retakes SM | CSGO Mapper

    Would love to play with more players on!
    Cogito likes this.
  7. FloJack

    FloJack Mr. Peanus Weenus

    Sounds interesting, hope to see the new staff
    Cogito likes this.

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