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Killing players for following

Discussion in '[AG] Trouble in Terrorist Town #CSGO' started by FloJack, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. FloJack

    FloJack Mr. Peanus Weenus

    Keeping things brief, a lot of players claim that you can kill someone after fair warning for them to stop following you. However, I do not see anything like this in the Valid Reasons to Kill section of the rules. Could someone please amend the rules list to clearly state that this is okay or should following be suspicion only?
  2. Sonicc

    Sonicc Sonicc The Snail Server Manager Teamspeak Staff

    If someone is following you, you can give them three warnings to stop. You have to space out the warnings with at least five seconds in between each and if they are still following after the third warning you can kill them.
  3. Jacob

    Jacob Life ain't shit but a fat vagina. - Kendrick Lamar Staff Member Root

    First and second warning's are always automatically put under suspicion.

    1st Warning: "Stop following me warning 1"
    *5 seconds*
    2nd Warning: "Stop following me warning 2"
    *5 seconds*
    3rd Warning: "Alright final warning, I can kill you now"

    This is generally how it should go.

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