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Planetside 2

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by FloJack, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. FloJack

    FloJack Mr. Peanus Weenus

    Hey guys, how many of you have played ps2 and what did you think of it? Last time i played it was 2 years ago; is it still good to play?
  2. GamingPyra

    GamingPyra I get drunk sometimes. Retired

    I used to play but I was really shit at it.
    After I found out it was a play2win game I stopped playing. It was fun, but a bit too much of pay2win.
  3. Tangy!

    Tangy! #Reformed. You don't wanna know who reformed me. Retired

    I played it a little, The graphics have gotten better now but it's basically a pay2win like pyra said, You can play it but you will have to spend some money on that game to have a good experience.
  4. Leafs

    Leafs I Paid for my Ranks Retired

    i use to always play ps2.it was my life

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